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Disney Boredom Busters: Princess Edition




Being stuck at home is not fun. Luckily, we have the internet to provide us with entertainment. Today, I’ve collected some of the best quizzes I could find. Try them out, and let us know your scores!

  • Jasmine – Technically this quiz has to do with the movie “Aladdin,” but it is HARD. You have to recall the opening of the movie, and although I’ve seen it multiple times, I was stumped.
  • Rapunzel – As “Tangled” is my favorite movie, this quiz was a breeze. However, if you haven’t seen it 100 times, you may not know everything she does before her life begins.
  • Snow White – This quiz requires some extensive knowledge of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.” Actors, different variations of the movie, lines, they’re all there.
  • Mulan – If you’ve seen “Mulan,” this quiz should be pretty easy. Just name the characters you see, and you’re all set.
  • Moana – This is another easy quiz if you’ve seen the movie. Pick which character said the quote and you’re sure to ace this one.
  • Sleeping Beauty – Can you pick the Sleeping Beauty characters from the movie poster? It’s a pretty easy quiz.
  • Cinderella – This quiz requires knowledge of both the original and live action remake. Match the actor from the live action with the character from the original.
  • Pocahontas – This crossword is tricky. It does require some basic Disney Princess knowledge. It also requires a lot of knowledge about “Pocahontas.”
  • Tiana – This quiz is an order of events quiz with a twist. Pick the order that the scenes happened in to score big on this quiz.
  • Belle – The music from “Beauty and the Beast” is very memorable. In this quiz, flip through, and see if you can name the song that goes along with the scene. To make it even harder, its scenes from the live action.
  • Ariel – Another movie with memorable music, can you name all 8 songs from “The Little Mermaid?” The hints tell you who sings the song, so think carefully.
  • Merida – “Brave” is all about a fantastical Journey. Can you remember the order of events from start to finish?

Don’t forget to let us know your scores below!

Hi I’m Carolyn, I’m a huge Disnerd! In my spare time I spend time with my Minnie Mouseketeer and planning my next Disney Vacation. I’m a huge believer in Disney Magic, and try to spread a little wherever I go!

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