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Deadpool 3- The Disney Movie We Never Knew We Needed

0 2 weeks ago

It’s official! Disney is making a “Deadpool 3”. Marvel and Deadpool fans alike rejoice!


Move over Moana. Step aside Snow. There’s a new Princess in town.

When Disney purchased Fox in March of 2019, questions arose as to whether there would be a third movie. The first two aren’t exactly Disney friendly, and both have an R-rating. However, Ryan Reynolds sent out a teaser later that fall. We’re sure it got people’s hopes up.

Marvel Studios

His Twitter caption read: “Auditioned for the role of “Anthony Stark”. Didn’t come even remotely close, but the nice man with the taser escorted me to the ground.”

Reynolds is set to produce and star in the film once again. Along with Disney, they have brought in sisters Wendy Molyneaux, and Lizzie Molyneaux-Logelin as new writers. The sisters are known for their work on Bob’s Burgers and a new series titled The Great North.

Deadpool 3 is still in the early stages of development. But sources have reportedly said that movie will still be true to Deadpool quality and humor, and keep it’s R-rating.


The first Deadpool, released in 2016, introduced audiences to Wade Wilson (played by Reynolds). He was told he had a terminal illness and volunteers to be experimented on. After leaving him deformed and with mutant abilities, Wilson becomes the anti-hero Deadpool.

The sequel, Deadpool 2, released in 2018, picks up with our anti-hero protecting a young mutant named Russell. After being thrown into prison, Deadpool escapes and forms a team of mutants to defeat a time-traveling solider named Cable.

The franchise has been a huge success so far and fans cannot wait to see what Marvel and Disney have in store for Deadpool.


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