Could Beetlejuice 2 Star Johnny Depp and Save His Career?

Could Beetlejuice 2 be in the works once again? And, if so, will Johnny Depp be in it? With it being a Tim Burton film, this is quite a possibility. The Pirates of the Caribbean Actor might be given one more chance to come back.

could beetlejuice 2

Johnny Depp has had quite the year. After losing his libel case in the UK, many franchises, including Disney, have pulled away from the actor. So many of his fans have rallied around him. Petitions have been made specifically for Disney to bring our Captain Jack Sparrow back. But, so far, nothing has come of it.

Enter Tim Burton. Burton and Depp have a very longstanding and successful working relationship. Johnny has been in talks with his old friend to team up once again for a new project. No one knows, for sure, what it might be right now. However, one possibility could be the long awaited Beetlejuice 2. Other rumors have claimed it also could be the Addams Family.

could beetlejuice 2

“If he manages to get one more good part, he could ostensibly come back,” Indie producer, Orian Williams said. “I would consider hiring him for the right role. You can question a lot, but you can’t ever question is talent.”

Despite everything going on in his life, Depp is choosing to start the year off on the right foot. Choosing to look for the good, instead of the bad.

Could Beetlejuice 2, and Tim Burton, come to the rescue and save Depp’s career? Only time will tell. But, we’ve seen the other eight movies the two have created together. If this happens, it’s gonna be one great movie.


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Written by Tabitha Boothe

I grew up on Disney and being from Arizona, I was able to go every summer with my family. My love of all things Disney has just grown over time and have now been instilled into my marriage and our three wonderful kids! We love Disney and go as often as we can.

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