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Costco Now Selling Baby Yoda Toy Set




This is the way…to Costco! Costco is now selling the Baby Yoda toy set! The hit Star Wars series The Mandalorian made waves in the world of the internet for the incredible cinematic scenes and, of course, the cutest creature in the galaxy.

Baby Yoda took over the internet through memes, drinks, crafts, and even food. It seemed like every where you looked The Child was there! Back in December of 2019, Mattel partnered with Disney to create the Baby Yoda toy set. It ended up being so popular that a waitlist was created for those who wanted to get their hands on their very own Child. Resellers were asking for ridiculous amounts of money for the toy set, which is pretty standard for most exclusive Disney merchandise.

Credit: CostcoGuy4U

Now that most of the Baby Yoda merchandise is readily available through shopDisney, the Disney Parks, and Disney retail stores, the toy set has now made its way into Costco. @CostcoGuy4U found the Baby Yoda toy set at his local Costco (Melrose Park, IL). The toy set features The Child along with a frog, his cup of broth soup, and his play silver ball to recreate some of your favorite scenes from the series!

The entire set is available for $19.99. It is not clear if this is available at every Costco nationwide, however they have been sporadically popping up in various Costco locations. I have personally seen employees of Costco posting about the new addition to the shelves, but they were also unsure of how this would be distributed throughout their stores across the country.

This is of far better quality than the questionable plush Baby Yoda toy that came out earlier this year. It is truly a great deal for those who are collector’s of Star Wars merchandise. Make sure to visit your local Costco to see if this extra cute, green creature is there!

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