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Earlier last week, Just Disney ran across an absolutely astonishing concept on an old favorite married to Pixar’s Coco. The creative team over at Parkineer designed a jaw-dropping overlay that very well could work in place of Gran Fiesta Tour currently presiding inside The Mexico Pavilion in Epcot.

Over the years, even after the addition to new animatronics, Gran Fiesta hasn’t held it’s weight in crowd control.  When it isn’t a holiday weekend, Gran Fiesta sees minimal waits and most boats float half full if not empty all together. The overlay would use the existing boats and ride layout minimizing construction costs and permits as this retrofit would just need set pieces implicated into the show building.


As the boats round the first bend in front of where the Mayan Temple currently is you will see Santa Cecilia, Mexico where Miguel lives. Decorated with memorials and ‘Day of the Dead’ tributes you will be encompassed in the atmosphere from the movie with a subtle acoustic guitar version of “Remember Me” playing in the background as you make your way towards the Santa Cecilia Cemetery.

Rounding the corner, heading towards Ernesto Dela Cruz’s Tomb, you will be surrounded by silouhette’s and a few audio animatronics paying tribute to their loved ones. It is important to note that the tomb is replacing the entrance to the old Mayan temple.

Following the entrance to the tomb is the Flower Bridge which, using projection mapping and forced perspective, will illuminate the boat and the surrounding scenes pushing the boat over the bridge and over to the City of Dead. The water would glow orange, and flowers would be falling from the walls using state of the art mapping to make it look like you were encompassed by the orange petals.

Once inside the City of Dead, which would be the “Small World Room” you would be surrounded by skeletons and characters from the movie.

The finale would be Hector and Miguel on stage singing “Remember Me” as you round the corner and make your way towards the unload. Watch their video below!

What do you think about the possibility that this would happen to Gran Fiesta Tour? Let us know on Facebook!

Be sure to check out Parkineer on YouTube!

** All images and conceptual renderings are produced & owned by 'Parkineer' and credited to the fullest extent.**

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I’ve been to the Coco section at Disneyland Paris and I’ve been waiting for something like this. YES! YES! YES! You just have to make sure you arrange the Mexican pavilion so it can handle the crowds you are going to get. I adore Donald but the Three Caballeros is way too outdated. Coco sparkled with originality which is something that has been sorely lacking lately. And it was very respectful of the culture from everyone I’ve talked to from Mexico.


I love this article!


Do it!!!!!


Although it would be wonderful the issue lies in the fact that the Mexico pavilion would not be able to withstand the crowds that this ride would bring. The pavilion already has issues with crowd control when they have to bring the Mariachi band and Donald in for the rain. It’s a great idea but can’t be done. Also replacing the temple would just be really sad in my opinion simply because I think the exterior of any world showcase attraction should still be heavily culture based, not IP.

Jack perk
Jack perk

It’s ok but we love this ride. Love that there is a cool ride you can ride with the kids, over and over, without a wait.


Love it!!!! My kids and my friends kids already call it the Coco ride. It would be a fresh new way to update that ride…bc right now it’s boring.

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