Club Cool, Hosted by Coca-Cola is Coming Back to Epcot

Tabitha Boothe

Club Cool, hosted by Coca-Cola is back! This morning, it was announced that a revitalized fan favorite is returning. And it will be adjacent to the new Creation Shop in Epcot. Get ready, your favorite drinks will be back summer of 2021!

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The new space will bring back the different tasty, and somewhat strange tasting drinks from around the world. The original location was closed back in September of 2019, and the entire building was demolished.

club cool

Zach Riddley, from Disney Parks Blog writes- “Opening Creations Shop and Club Cool will be an important milestone. It will help in our ongoing transformation of the park. These fun and energetic locations will continue the reimagining of Disney. Of what will soon be a new neighborhood at the entrance and center of the park, called World Celebration.”

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So, all you Beverly Challenge fans are in for a treat. Get your taste buds ready to explode once again. If you have never experienced these different drinks from around the world, put it on your bucket list. Coming this summer, head on over to Epcot and try it out for yourself.

If you have tried these before, which one is the worst, and why Beverly?

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