One person made the most of quarantine by building a mixture of Disneyland and Walt Disney World out of LEGOS! To go along with this epic LEGO Disneyland replica, a TikTok account has been created to share some of its finest details!

It’s unclear who exactly made this account, but let’s just say they went all in. The replica features Cinderella’s Castle, Fantasyland, Frontierland, and even a spinning Dumbo ride! It has a mix of both Disneyland and Disney World, like the appearance of Toy Story Land and the Matterhorn. It is seriously the best of both worlds.

The TikToks themselves feature answers to questions other users have commented on the account. For example, if someone asks to see Splash Mountain the account owner will show the replica of the attraction. Here is a look at what the entire replica looks like:

The account owner says that he had made the replica back in 2016, but took it down. Due to our extended time in quarantine, he decided to rebuild it. In this time, he describes making it, “bigger and better than what it originally was”. What a great way to make the quarantine time pass by!

It wouldn’t be crazy to assume that a massive project like this would take a while to build, however the owner said that it only took a week! He mentions in one TikTok that most of the sets were already built, so it was a matter of actually putting all the sets together in order to create this masterpiece.

What makes this replica unique is that the account owner has made projections onto the castle just like Disney does in Magic Kingdom! He says that he uses a regular projector on the castle and shows the actual projections that Disney uses in their nighttime fireworks spectacular. Talk about attention to detail!

The account has just over 3,000 followers on TikTok and even has an Instagram showing off the details of the replica too! This is just more proof that there is still good news coming out of quarantine!

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