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Check Out These SPECTACULAR Pieces of Art From Our Disney Fans! (Part 1)

Earlier this month, we asked you to share how you show your love of Disney magic, and oh boy did you deliver! Disney fans from around the world submitted their works of art in the Just Disney Facebook Group for a chance to share their works on our page! Each person that submitted has unique ways to portray their love of various Disney characters and films. Below you’ll see what they created and what they had to say about it!

Don’t worry if you don’t see what you submitted or missed out on your chance to be featured. We will be spotlighting you again in a few weeks! Keep and eye on the group page for your next chance to submit!

Ally Maxwell – “The Child” Cross Stitch

Credit: Ally Maxwell

“This is my “The Child” cross stitch. I’m an avid stitcher and in the middle of a Toy Story stitch for my daughters room :)”

Meredith Lay TaylorUpcycled Painted Wood

“Hi! I’ve enjoyed reusing leftover wood pieces and paint in these 3-piece home decor sets! Just painted and sanded wood with applied vinyl!”

Nina Marie- Mickey & Minnie Rainbow Canvas

Credit: Nina Marie

“Hi! I’ve enjoyed reusing leftover wood pieces and paint in these 3-piece home decor sets! Just painted and sanded wood with applied vinyl!”

Danielle Lafountain- Favorite Character Collage

Credit: Danielle Lafountain

“Hei hei. I’m Danielle. This isn’t anything crazy. I just enjoy painting. This is a collage I made of my favorite boys <3”

Julia Lewis- Shego Drawing

Credit: Julia Lewis

“Hi my name is Julia Lewis and This is my drawing of Shego From Kim Possible! I have so many Disney character drawings but I picked this one because It is my favorite Disney character drawing that I’ve ever done.”

Shawna “Curley” Oliveira- Disney Bags

“Hello! Most people know me as Curley. I am a bag designer and creator. I have been sewing for a really long time. It’s my escape and very relaxing for me. I love creating and designing and am always thinking of what I can make next. I make big bags down to itty bitty bags. These two bags I made for myself for our Disneyland trip and a Disney World trip for this year, which sadly we had to cancel them both.”

Andre Claire Pangandoyon- Pencil Drawings & Disney Inspired Gowns

“Hi! I’m Andre Claire Pangandoyon and here is my version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She’s my favourite Disney Princess because she is one of those who promote literacy and knowledge. That being different is okay as long as you’re happy. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I also made Disney-inspired gowns.”

Brittney Hammond- Princess Aurora Drawing

Credit: Brittney Hammond

“Drawing of Princess Aurora I drew for my younger cousin. It was her favorite princess so I took a crack at trying to draw. Turned out better than I thought I could ever do.”

Rebecca Cherrington- Disney Character Silhouette Drawings

Liam Wilde- Digital & Traditional Drawings

“Hi, I’m Liam, I’ve been trying to come up with my own style when drawing cartoon characters.I got an Ipad Pro a few months and came up with this style. I post all my drawings on my Instagram account @liamwilde_art”

Tori Simpson- Ears, Keychains, & Bags

“I love anything Disney. Can’t afford real Disney, so I make my own magic.”

Nicole Byrd- Disney Inspired Cosplay, Outfits, & Makeup

“Hello! My name is Nicole Byrd and I have been doing Disney cosplays, makeup and outfits to help get through these past few months! I miss Disney so very much and can’t wait to be back at the place I love the most!” I created this Laurel Lightfoot cosplay from Onward to help cheer up people and bring a little magic to others!

“All of these photo collages of mine are of all of my outfits I have been creating the last several months and wearing to work! I love bringing the magic to people around me!” 

Bell Morales- Paintings

“Hey Disney lovers! My name is Bell Morales, I love painting and drawing, especially when it comes to Disney art. It cheers me up in many ways, and it never disappoints. Always willing to improve and make magic in my own home since I can’t always go to the one and only, “Happiest Place On Earth” so this is a good alternative  Hope you guys enjoy the few pics of my art I’ve done recently! Thank you!”

Kalya Curtis- Posters & Drawings

Krystal Rasmussen- Drawings

Karl Kneller- Paintings & Murals

Credit: Karl Kneller

Karl’s Krafts and Murals -This is my link to my page. I’ve created a whole Disney 4 bedroom walls with as many characters as possible, not all completed yet.”

Like what you see? Send some love to these creators by commenting below! Don’t forget to join the Just Disney Facebook Group for more!


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Abbie is a college student studying media communications . She wishes to spread the magic of Disney by writing with JustDisney. When shes's not writing, she likes to paint, stay active, and spend time with her family and friends.

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