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Check Out These Aerial Photos of Cinderella’s Castle!

Abbie Campbell



As Walt Disney World gets set to reopen beginning on July 11th, there will be one major change- the iconic Cinderella Castle will be repainted to celebrate the Park’s 50th anniversary. Disney World doesn’t officially turn 50 until October 1st, 2021, but the company has planned events and openings around this milestone

This announcement was made back in February on Disney Parks Blog by Magic Kingdom Vice President Jason Kirk. He stated that the transformation would begin soon after the article was published and would continue into the summer months. The Covid-19 pandemic obviously impacted those plans, but with the Park being temporarily closed and cast members preparing for a reopening, Cinderella’s Castle still seems to be getting its makeover.

Twitter user @bioreconstruct shared aerial images of the castle’s construction. Their images show the castle now with painted deeper shades of blue, light pink, and golden accents. @bioreconstruct had the opportunity to fly over the park on June 12th and then again on June 20th. Their pictures show just how fast the work is being completed.

June 12th, 2020
Credit: @bioreconstruct
June 20th, 2020
Credit: @bioreconstruct

At the rate the painting is going, it seems that the project will be complete (or close to being complete) when Magic Kingdom reopens on July 11th, 2020. Below is the concept art of what the finished project will look like:

Credit: Disney Parks

What are your thoughts about Cinderella’s Castles new look? Let us know down below!

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