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Check Out the New Jungle Cruise Congo Queen Boat Pop! by Funko




Hello and welcome to the world famous Jungle Cruise. My name is Caitlyn and I’ll be your captain, cruise director and dance instructor for the next five exciting days and six romantic nights.

Okay so I don’t actually work on the Jungle Cruise, but now you can bring your own cruise boat and skipper home! In a newly released vinyl Funko Pop! figurine in the ride collection, the Jungle Cruise ‘Congo Queen’ Boat has made its way onto shopDisney for purchase!

Credit: shopDisney

For $39.99, you’ll be bringing the 8th Wonder of the World (the back-side of water) right into your own home! And who knows, maybe Trader Sam will be offering a two-for-one special: two of his, for one of yours!

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