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Guests Stuck on Pirates of the Caribbean for hours!

It is common for rides to break down at Disneyland Park and

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Disneyland Park reopens after more than a year of being closed!

It has been 415 days since Disneyland Resort has been open and

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A Pickle Corn Dog is Coming to Disneyland in April

A pickle corn dog?! You heard that right, and it's coming to

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A Major Theme Park Expansion is Coming to Disneyland!

A major theme park expansion is coming to Disneyland in California! On

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No Screaming Allowed! (According to State Guidelines)

No screaming allowed. According to California state guidelines, you now have to

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CA Only Rule: Only CA Residents Can go to Disneyland

It's looking like there's a CA only rule for when Disneyland opens

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Check Out This Epic LEGO Replica of Disneyland

Several of us have pondered how to keep the magic alive while

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was packed, but Disneyland itself was empty!

Crowds might have been lining up in the wee hours of the

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Disneyland guests evacuated from Fantasyland attraction due to water flowing into the attraction’s boat

Disneyland guests were evacuated from an attraction in Fantasyland following a water

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Alcohol is coming to Disneyland Park

Disneyland in California will begin serving alcohol next year for the first

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