Disney has always protected their ducks as they are not allowed to be handled or fed. A cast member was caught a few days ago during a cast preview and was uploaded on TikTok for views. The girl named Samantha has recently deleted her video and ignored all negative comments as she believes we should be able to pet the ducks and show off for their own entertainment.

@samanthaswerva on TikTok

Samantha, who is a lifeguard for Disney, captioned the post with “I’m here for the ducks.”

The video has sparked outrage for Disney fans and animal activists alike. They are vocalizing their distaste for her actions while also calling for her termination. Even after the original post was deleted, people continued commenting their disapproval on her other TikTok posts.

The ducks at Disney are acclimated with being in close proximity to guests and are a welcome site to Disney World visitors. Even though the ducks come close to guests, they should not be handled for obvious safety reasons.

This should go without saying, but touching ducks puts you at risk for being injured as ducks are wild animals. The last thing Disney needs is an uptake in duck handling injuries. In fact, there should be no instances of duck related injuries.

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