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California Adventure History: Step Into ‘The Grid’ at ‘ElecTRONica’

Disney has always had a way of constructing magical fantasy worlds and executing it in a jaw-dropping way. California Adventure’s ‘ElecTRONica’ was no exception. ElecTRONica was a limited run night-time entertainment event that took place in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area of the California Adventure park. Debuting October 8, 2010 and closing on April 15, 2012, it offered a fully immersive experience. If you haven’t seen the TRON films, Tron:Legacy is a visually stunning sci-fi epic that is a sequel to the 1982 Disney release, TRON. The movies take place in a “digital frontier” called ‘The Grid’. Inside this cyber landscape, luminous white and orange lights outline articles of clothing, sidewalks, objects, etc. From the buildings, to the vehicles aptly named “light cycles”, this digital world was brilliant and beautifully designed. Daft Punk scored the soundtrack to TRON:Legacy to give it a futuristic, electronic feel.

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As a promotional event for the release of the 2010 film TRON:Legacy, Imagineers brought ‘The Grid’ to California Adventure. At 8pm sharp, a countdown commenced and the Hollywood Backlot would completely transform into ‘The Grid’. Lights, sounds, and EDM music swelled and surrounded as if you had been instantly transported to the digital frontier. It was a thrilling electronic music dance fest that immersed you in the world of TRON:Legacy. ElecTRONica operated on weekends and would continue to run for 1 and a half more years. On top of getting a 4-D sneak peek of the film, you could play actual arcade video games in Flynn’s arcade (TRON, Galaga, Centipede just to name a few), have a try at light disc throwing, and dance the night away with the help of a live DJ that would host the event every night. There was also a bar called the End of Line Club where adults 21+ could purchase cocktails that glow and an assortment of beer.

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The whole experience was as close to a night club that Disney has ever gotten. It was enjoyed by many and is personally one of my favorite entertainment offerings Disney has ever created. The closest thing to ‘The Grid’ that TRON fans will get to experience, is a TRON themed coaster “TRON: Light Cycle Power Run”. This attraction is currently operating at Disneyland Shanghai, and it is currently under construction in Tomorrowland at The Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. There are rumors that this TRON coaster could also come to Disneyland in Anaheim in a soon to be had Tomorrowland revamp.

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Did you ever get to experience ElecTRONica? What did you think of it? Would you love a TRON themed attraction in Disneyland’s new Tomorrowland? Let me know!


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