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Breaking News! Origami Owl has Revealed New Cinderella-Themed Jewelry!





Origami Owl announced today the release of a brand new Cinderella line! In honor of Cinderella’s 70th anniversary, the designers at Origami Owl created a special line completely influenced by the Disney animated movie, Cinderella. You can check out the video of the release here!

All of the designs were hand-drawn and then brought to life to create an enchanting line of jewelry perfect for any Disney fan! 

Hurry over, inventory is limited! With the upcoming holiday season this would make any Cinderella fan dreams come true! Shop here for the US release, and here for the Canada release!


I'm Melissa! Disney is a huge part of my family and I love having the opportunity to share my love for Disney with all of you! I spend most of my time with my family and all my fur babies.


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