Breaking: Expedition Everest Evacuated. It’s inevitable that attractions at Disney Parks shut down from time to time. Whether it’s due to maintenance, a refurbishment, or even a guest or two.

Evacuations occur when something happens while guests are on the ride. But have you ever wondered why it sometimes takes so long for the attraction to get back up and running? Well, this could be one reason.

Expedition Everest- Selfies and Hair Ties

photo Credit: Allison Boone

Yep, this family was riding Expedition Everest- Legend of the Forbidden Temple at Animal Kingdom. Something happened on the ride, and the guests needed to be evacuated. It happens. However, this family took the opportunity to take their time, and grab a few selfies on the way down.

Did I mention that they also wanted to see how many hair ties they could find while trekking down the mountain?

expedition everest
photo credit: Allison Boone
expedition everest
photo credit: Allison Boone

Walking down 14 flights of stairs, I’m sure that was a lot of hair ties. However, I’m sure they caused even more waiting and stress for the other guests waiting to be evacuated.

Personally, I have never had to evacuate a ride before. But I’d assume cast members would want guests off the ride as safely and quickly as possible. Not to dilly dally with selfies and souvenirs.

Have you ever been evacuated from an attraction? What was your experience like?

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