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Black Widow to Disney+?

0 3 months ago

Disney shocked fans when they announced that “Mulan” was coming to Disney+. At the price tag of $29.99, in addition to the monthly service charge, fans seem unhappy it will cost that much to see the highly anticipated film. Many have speculated other Disney films will follow the same trajectory, especially during the Covid – 19 outbreak. Last night, it seemed fans found a hint that “Black Widow” will also be premiering on VOD.

Late last night, eagle – eyed fans noticed that “Black Widow” was listed on VOD service Movies Anywhere. The movie doesn’t have any images attached to it, so it could’ve been it was just added to the film library automatically. However, it does list a November 6th release date, leaving fans to wonder if it’s more than just procedure. Whatever it is, it’s still up, you can speculate for yourself here.

source: google

Would you be ok with “Black Widow” being released on Disney+?

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