New York Comic Con 2020 may have been virtual, but it has released some very real, very cool exclusive merchandise! In the lineup are some new Star Wars Funko pops with an experience like never before! This trio of figures includes Baby Yoda with a pendant, and a Luke and Leia both in their Jedi training gear.

Credit: Funko

The Child with Pendant includes our favorite Star Wars baby holding a necklace with a Mythosaur skull pendant. Now the fun and unique feature is while this figure doesn’t release until October 2020, you can see how it would look in your collection today! By clicking here, you can use your mobile device to see it in your space!

Credit: Funko

Next up on the New York Comic Con lineup are Luke and Leia in their Jedi training gear. These figures appear to be set up to be sold in a twin-pack. These figurines stand at 4 inches, and sport what appears to be a confident Leia, and a less confident Luke. While Leia doesn’t seem to be supported on the view at-home option, you can envision Luke in your collection by clicking here!

Credit: Funko

The Luke and Leia set will be available exclusively on the Funko Shop starting in October, so set your calendars. The Child figurine will also be available at the Funko Shop, but you should also be able to score him on Amazon, also starting in October. The Child with Pendant will retail for $15 while the twin-set Luke and Leia will retail for $29.99

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