Avengers Assemble! It’s finally here! The highly anticipated land opened on June 4th. Just in time for Disneyland and California Adventure parks to open up to the rest of the country. Our good friends over at Provost Park Pass has made a video containing so many secrets and Easter Eggs about the land. So, without further ado, here we go!

Arch Reactor

When you first walk in to the campus you’ll see an arch reactor. Now, if you look at the ground, you’ll see that it is powering the entire Avengers Campus.

avengers assemble

Web Slingers

On the outside of the new Web Slingers Attraction, you’ll see some graffiti all over the wall. That graffiti was done by Miles Morales- an alternate Spider-Man in the Spiderverse. Make sure to look for his signature somewhere in all the graffiti!

Now, you’re gonna see a lot of signs everywhere talking about ‘WEB Suppliers’. WEB actually stands for- Worldwide Engineering Brigade. The Campus in ‘Avengers Campus’ also has it’s own meaning. It’s the Centralized Assembly Mobilized to Prepare, Unite, and Safeguard.

avengers assemble
Photo Credit: Provost Park Pass

If you look closely, you’ll be able to spot a bumper sticker for Lucky Dog’s Pizza. It’s been placed over a delivery parking only sign. This is a nod to Hawkeye’s Comic book.

Photo Credit: Provost Park Pass

If you’re really into the shooting games like- Astro Orbiters or Toy Story Mania, you’ll love the new WEB Slingers ride. A little secret- if you want the high score for the day, you can actually purchase a web slinger from the store and it increases your score!

avengers assemble

There are so many other Easter Eggs, but we want you to find some for yourself! If you aren’t able to go to the parks just yet, here’s a few more surprises to get you excited for your next visit!

If you’ve been to the Avengers Campus, let us know what Easter Eggs and details you found! Until then, Avengers Assemble!

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