Article Tutorial

There are some steps involved when starting your first article! Follow these steps below!

Step 1

Always make sure your articles have a Featured image. The featured image should have a size of at least 1200 by 675 pixels.

Step 2

All links inside your articles must be shortened with words like “Click Here or find your merchandise here”, this will help keep the article looking clean.

Step 3

Before submitting your article, make sure you change the Post Template settings under the General tab. Make sure you have “Single Cloud Template – Fast News” selected. This is the template we use for all our articles since it’s been modified for our viewers.

Step 4

Always start your articles with written text, then images. For example: 1 paragraph, insert an image, paragraph, paragraph and so on. Google bots and Facebook will grab the text in the beginning of the articles and display a short preview. If you insert an image first, no text will be shown.

Step 5

All images that are taken from Google or other websites must be credited. The easiest way to display credit below an image is by clicking on the caption field and adding a caption (you may add a hyperlink by clicking on the chain link icon of desired). Example shown below.

Credit: Disney

Step 6

Adding videos to your article can be tricky if you don’t use the right kind of link. For example, YouTube. The YouTube share URL must be in this type of format or it won’t show up at all.

Step 7

Make sure your Image settings is set to “Full Size”.

That completes our tutorial on how to add an article our site we hope it was useful and if you have any questions, please reach out to the group chat or message our Facebook page!

Welcome to the team!

-Just Disney