Earlier this month we asked you to submit your best on-ride photo for a chance to win a $50 Disney gift card and be featured on the Just Disney website. We are happy to announce that after going many submissions and a round of fan voting on our Facebook page, a winner has been selected. Our winner is Kimberlee A.! View her photo and description below!

We also have featured the pictures and descriptions provided by our 11 other finalist.

Big congratulations to Kimberlee! Thank you to all who submitted their photos! It was difficult to choose a winner for sure. Be on the lookout for round two of the “Best On-Ride Photo Contest” coming soon! We can’t wait to see what other amazing on-ride photos you have!

The Winner

Kimberlee A.

“Last year my husband and I were on our annual Disney World Trip but this time I was actually 5 months pregnant so we decided to do our Gender Reveal on Splash Mountain. First and foremost, we had no idea if we were having a boy or girl. I had the gender of our baby in a sealed envelope, I brought along a white poster board and a sharpie marker. When we got in line I went up to the cast members and handed them the poster board, marker, envelope, and asked them to write on the board what we were having but big enough so we could see it during the drop. They went above and beyond for us! Gave us our own log, decorated the poster rather than just writing a gender, and all of the cast members were telling everyone what was going on, some even crying happy tears. It was just perfect. So when we got to the top right before the fall we opened the poster and faced it out so all could see. Immediately after without looking at the front we folded it up. It wasn’t until we got to the ride photos where we discovered we were having a beautiful baby girl. On Monday – August 10th, 2020, our precious Sophia Grace will be having her first birthday. All of the cast members and of course Splash Mountain gave us a moment we will never forget to remember and we will cherish that forever and always. I can’t wait to share our story with or baby girl when she gets to go on Splash Mountain for the very first time in her life.”

Credit: Kimberlee A.

Honorable Mentions

Antonia A.

“After hours and Dinosaur”

Credit: Antonia A.

Amanda F.

“Me and my best friend Jordan had a girls day and decided to do funny pictures on each ride we did..we feel this one takes the cake! We laugh at it every single time and it will always be one of our best trips! Preparing to cover up like a hot dog on splash mountain wasn’t easy!”

Credit: Amanda F.

Jolene W.

“My husband is not a fan of water rides but puts on a smile every time we rode. However, his true level of excitement was captured on the Frozen ride.”

Credit: Jolene W.

Brett S.

“Rockin Roller Coaster by Aerosmith at Disney’s Hollywood Studios 2014…..

While waiting in line, I overheard the husband of this family talking about how he was going to pretend he was sleeping for the initial photo when the ride starts. I not once spoke to this man but I knew right from this moment what I was going to do for the picture. Low and behold I was put in the front row with this man. He right away pretended to be asleep… I didn’t make my move until the very last moment right before the camera lights went off. I put a look on my face, like… “Who is this guy, pretending to be asleep on a ride…. so original!”. After the camera went off and we went straight into the loop… he opened his eyes and enjoyed the ride. The ride finished and we make our way to the cue which shows all the pictures…. what a huge surprise and the entire family were laughing so hard and pointing at the screen at me with tears in their eyes. I kept my distance so they wouldn’t see me but I heard every word coming from their mouths. The husband said it was by far the funniest pose for a picture he had ever seen and his wife, puts her hand on his shoulder and says “Hunnie, that kid outdid your pose, he made that picture what it’s worth! ” I waited until they left and I exited the area. I can honestly say that family and other people were taking photos of the photo just so they could cherish that awesome picture. I even got a sense of enjoyment out of it. To this day, it will go down in history of my favorite most memorable Disney ride picture of all time. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did!”

Credit: Brett S.

Teresa B.

“My nephews first time on this ride at Disney! “OMG! What was I thinking when I got on this thing!”

Credit: Teresa B.

Isabel F.

“Just being silly with our Nacho Libre masks on Space Mountain… Nacho vs Ramseys ?

Credit: Isabel F.

Cecelia M.

“Scouting for a prince at 60 MPH ? (@ Oogie Boogie Bash, 2019)”

Credit: Cecelia M.

Serena G.

“Definition of everyone’s emotional roller coaster through 2020 all in one picture.”

Credit: Serena G.

Yosette D.

“Our kids are terrified of rides so we convinced them it wouldn’t be so bad. Halfway through the ride my son wanted to jump out and my daughter was ready to cry.”

Credit: Yosette D.

Anna G.

“We decided to play Go Fish while waiting for the “terror” in Tower of Terror.”

Credit: Anna G.

Michael P.

“First time on the Frozen ride and in the front row, let’s say she wasn’t expecting that drop in the ride”

Credit: Michael Price

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