There have been a lot of changes at Walt Disney World since the parks reopened in early July. There are new procedures to clean ride vehicles, modified character meetings, and and even relaxation stations for guests to take a break from wearing a face mask. The way guests ride the monorails have changed as well. Take an inside look at Disney World’s Monorail safety precautions below.

Disney has placed plexiglass in all of the queues for attractions in their theme parks. A every similar approach has been taken to the inside of each Monorail car. It looks like plexiglass is not being used, but rather a cloth material to separate parties within one train.

Before boarding the train, guests are directed into specific train cars by Cast Members. Each party will be assigned a number to stand on when waiting for the next Monorial to arrive. When boarding the train, guests are to stay in the car of their assigned number.

Face masks are to be worn everywhere on Disney property and this includes all modes of transportation. There is definitely no need to run after a train that’s leaving the station because Cast Members are regulating how many parties are on each car. Riding the Monorail is a lot more enjoyable since guests won’t be packed to the brim to go to and from their hotels.

If you’ve ridden the Monorial recently, let us know about your experience in the comments!

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