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Adventure is Out There With This Concept Art for an ‘UP’ Themed Ride by Parkineer

Parkineer is a fan-run website and social media pages that focuses on coming up with theme parks and attractions. Occasionally, they will release absolutely amazing ride concepts for theme parks around the world. Their latest project is no different and truly echoes the spirit of adventure of the 2009 Disney/ Pixar film UP.

The ride entitled “Escape From the Zoo” introduces a new chapter in the UP franchise. Taking place after the events of the film, the ride reunites Carl and Russel in a hair-raising adventure. As guests wait in the queue to board the ride, they are treated to decor concerning the new character Sir Arthur Grant who wants to catch a snipe by following in the footsteps of Charles Muntz. Grant utilizes an airship and employs companion dogs on his journey’s just like Muntz.

Unlike Muntz, Grant was successful and captured two baby snipes. According to Parkineer, “the baby snipes were resting on two chairs randomly left in the wilderness, one short red chair and one high backed yellow chair. These chairs were brought to the zoo to be displayed next to the exhibit on why littering is bad”. That’s right, Carl and Ellie’s iconic chairs make a reappearance. These chairs along with two folding chairs form the ride vehicle as seen in the concept poster below.

Credit: Parkineer

You will board the ride vehicle and accompany Carl and Russel to the Zoo in order to rescue the baby snipes and bring them back to Kevin in Paradise Falls. The ride begins with the successful recapture of Kevin’s babies as you fly over the Zoo and see all of its animals.

Credit: Parkineer

On the journey back to Paradise falls you encounter storms, the Panama Canal, and Machu Picchu before coming up upon the familiar falls.

But once you are flying over the falls, Sir Arthur Grant’s dogs begin to chase you! Once clear of the dogs you finally encounter Grant’s airship. He tries to take you down by firing his shotgun at the balloons keeping your ride vehicle afloat. Parkineer states that Grant “can’t let you get away with his prize! His goal is obviously not just to recreate the trips of Charles but to become more famous than him by doing what he could not!”

As the escape from Grant and his dogs continues, the ride vehicle comes close to the ground and even comes close to becoming caught in the traps set up to catch snipes. Somehow the dogs managed to get entangled in the traps and you are free to finally find Kevin!

Near the end of the journey, you come across a cave litter with the bones from Charles Muntz’s airship. Parkineer describes the cave as the place where Carl and Russel placed Muntz’s bone collection once they took over his airship in the film. Guests have to look quickly to spot the Easter egg Parkineer implemented- Kevin can be spotted hiding behind some rocks like he was in the film.

Coming out of a group of trees, Kevin is finally reunited with her baby snipes. Another Easter egg can be spotted as guests can view the walker Kevin ate and one of the tennis balls a baby snipe stole from Carl in the film.

The final scene of the ride concept is for sure a memorable one. As the ride vehicle flies away, guests can catch an overhead glimpse of Carl and Ellie’s house resting atop Paradise Falls.

Credit: Parkineer

Parkineer’s ride concept truly captures the spirit of adventure that is the story of UP. Fan favorite characters are brought back together for yet another action packed exploit. This is just a concept and is not endorsed by Disney or Pixar but we can only hope that this ride or one similar to it will one day make it to the parks!

You can check out a video for Escape From The Zoo by clicking here!

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