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A Mom Wants To Ban ‘Childless Millennials’ From Disney World




There are only so many (read: very few) things in this wild, wild world that everyone can agree on. One such thing? That Disney World truly is the happiest place on Earth. At least, that was the case until one very angry mom took to Facebook to share her not so great feelings about the magical theme park. More specifically, she went on an epic rant about the "childless couples" and "immature millennials" who "need to be BANNED" from Disney World. (Oh yeah, the now-viral tirade was brimming with capital letters, curse words, and more because this is one P.O.-ed mom.) 

In the Facebook post—which has officially gone viral after being screenshotted and tweeted—the irrationally irate mom goes absolutely off about "childless couples" and "immature millennials" who "pisses [her] off TO NO END!!!!!!"