A Mom Wants To Ban ‘Childless Millennials’ From Disney World

There are only so many (read: very few) things in this wild, wild world that everyone can agree on. One such thing? That Disney World truly is the happiest place on Earth. At least, that was the case until one very angry mom took to Facebook to share her not so great feelings about the magical theme park. More specifically, she went on an epic rant about the "childless couples" and "immature millennials" who "need to be BANNED" from Disney World. (Oh yeah, the now-viral tirade was brimming with capital letters, curse words, and more because this is one P.O.-ed mom.) 

In the Facebook post—which has officially gone viral after being screenshotted and tweeted—the irrationally irate mom goes absolutely off about "childless couples" and "immature millennials" who "pisses [her] off TO NO END!!!!!!"


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  1. How is it this the “slut in shorts” fault? She literally was minding her OWN business buying a pretzel. 🤦‍♀️ Some people really do think the world revolves around them

    • It’s cause her child is spoiled rotten I have two kids but I went to Disney even when I didn’t have kids why because I frickin love Disney maybe just maybe if she didn’t buy him all the toys and treats and wtvr he wants he wouldn’t be like that my children were never like that and they are now 14 and 11 and I couldn’t be any prouder of the people they have become but just because a young lady bought bought a dang pretzel doesn’t make it her fault the line was long this woman clearly needs some better priorities who knows what they doing they could have been getting it for their child but you will never know because she didn’t look at the entire picture maybe her child was with a grandparent or the father and didn’t want to wait in the line my husband and I do that all the time don’t always judge a book by its cover cause what’s underneath may surprise you

  2. The mother who posted this is psycho. Maybe she shouldn’t take her child to a Disney Park until he gets a little older age wise, say may 10, when he can handle the lines better. Disney Parks are for people of all ages, age does not matter. I’m 61 later this year, when I go there I feel like a kid again, which is the point of my going. I love Disneyland. The poor woman who bought that pretzel did nothing wrong. It was the mother who told her son no that the line was too long, that they would get one later. The mother made her son cry, not the woman who was buying the pretzel. This mother is psycho for thinking she is special and entitled. Granted it is her opinion and she can think and feel that way all she wants. But Disneyland and all Disney Parks are for people of all ages, wheather they are there with children, are childless, or now there kids are grown, and they come back as as just adults without kids. Get a life lady and grow up. You are nothing special, and just plain psycho for even thinking this.

  3. Yep…she needs to understand the some woman are unable to share that joy with a child because they can’t have kids. Open you eyes and stop being heartless for the women who can’t have kids and enjoy with their children and choose to enjoy something they love with their husband, wife, immediate family or significant other.

    • I completely agree with you, I adore Disney and I will indulge myself with as much Disney as I can, I go to work and work hard I pay all my bills and treat myself. Me and my husband can’t have children due to a life threatening illness he had when he was younger so if we want to go to Disney parks and spend all our money then we shouldn’t be judged or moaned at by everyone who thinks it’s just for kids. Disney is for everyone no matter what life choice you make.


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