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A Moana Sequel Is Happening

Disney leaks they are working on a sequel to the smash hit about the voyager princess.




If you haven’t seen Moana yet, now would be a good time to jump on the boat.

According to inside sources at Disney Animation, they leaked they are secretly working on a follow up to the animated 2016 blockbuster success. This is largely in part because there is a Moana attraction called “Journey of Water” opening in Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort. Sources say it could be about 4 years from now that we can expect the sequel’s release, but that it will feature Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Auli’i Cravalho reprising their roles as Moana and Maui. The film’s 2 Oscar nominations, countless other awards, and $643 million dollar success was keyed up to a combination of incredible animation, a catchy soundtrack, and an amazing storyline.

Auli’i Cravalho and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson/Getty Images for Disney

Moana was based off mythology from Polynesian culture. We followed the heroine Moana, daughter of the village chief, as she discovers the only way to break the curse incurred by the demigod Maui upon her island and people is to voyage across the sea as her anscestors used to do and come face-to-face with an enraged goddess Te Fiti. Before, during, and after her journey, Moana is faced with many obstacles including emotional grief of a personal loss, the physical growth in learning how to sail, and finally upon her return home the knowledge to lead her people to fulfill their destinies by traveling the seas once again.


Many fans voiced their respect and appreciation with the fact the heroine did not have a romantic storyline, and whether that will change in the sequel is yet to be seen since no leaks about the plot have come out… yet.


And with this news, fans can rejoice in the fact the wait for this will not be as long as previous sequels like Toy Story, Frozen, or Mary Poppins.

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