A Cast Member Caught Trying Water From Everywhere in Disney Springs and Going Backstage

Tabitha Boothe

A cast member name Jete was recently fired from Walt Disney World. His Tik Tok videos about the resort went viral, and Disney caught wind of it and was not too happy.

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His first video that went viral was of him walking around the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. He entered the wedding pavilion there, unaccompanied. He then makes the comment, “they just leave this wide open”. Well, actually it’s left open for maintenance and cleaners. But I digress.


This video got over 3 million views. His second video on Tik Tok to go viral is of him drinking water around Disney Springs. Even water from actual water fountains!

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This video amassed over 6 million views. Please, do not try any of this when you’re at Disney World!

After Jete got fired from Disney, he uploaded a more personal post to his Tik Tok saying that he would’ve taken the videos down. All Disney had to do was ask. But instead, they just fired him.

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Sadly, the damage had already been done. Especially with such a large social media following. What do you think? Should this cast member have been fired? Or should Disney have gone about this a different way?

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