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$64,000 Glass Blown Castle Accidentally Destroyed In Seconds

Abbie Campbell



Shanghai’s Museum of Glass houses the world’s largest glass blown castle. The masterpiece was meticulously crafted by Spanish glassblower Miguel Arribas. It took Arribas an astonishing 500 hours to complete. That the equivalent of almost 22 whole days of work. Arribas is the co-founder of the Arribas Brothers glass and crystal shops located in Disney Parks around the world.

The work titled ‘The Fantasy Castle’ is based off of Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle in Orlando, Florida. Spires fabricated out of 24-karat gold contributes to the $64,000 USD (450,000 yuan) price tag.

Unfortunately, back in May two children were chasing each other in the museum when one of them accidentally hit the display case. The action caused the main spire and other aspects of the piece to break.

Mashable/ Zhoudaosh

The museum reached out to Arribas about repairing the work of art, but because of travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, Arribas is currently unable to travel for repairs.

Parents of the children have since apologized for the accident and even promised to take responsibility for its repairs.

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